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A STUDY ON ISSUES OF ROMAN URDU TEXTING BY OLDER USERS As the development and utilization of technology is increasing rapidly. It identifies different experiences for older users. Most of the time, older users face issues in utilization of new interface. According to the United Nation world population report, the older people will become the main and largest part of the population in the coming era. With the increasing population of older people, Pakistan will also become an aging society. Older users are the late adopters of smart mobile phones technology. The older users in Pakistan are ready to use digital communication ways but they often face issues when they do Roman Urdu texting. Different factors are affecting their approval of Roman Urdu texting communication. The available smart mobile phones’ texting applications do not fulfill the needs of older users because older users are minority of digital system and minorities are poorly represented in digital system. To make the human computer interaction community aware, there is need to take the older users into account. There is also need to take notice about very common feature of mobile phones which is texting. Texting is an important and mostly used feature of mobile phones. As compared to the other digital communication mediums, texting is adopted by large part of the population of the world. It is observed that older users do no use texting applications. They often face issues when they interact with texting applications. Thus, the aim of this research study is the investigation of Roman Urdu texting issues faced by older users of Pakistan. Two phase methodology is used to inquire the texting issues. The first phase of methodology is literature review, to the investigate of texting issues faced by older users worldwide. The second phase of methodology is survey, to the investigation of Roman Urdu texting issues faced by older users of Pakistan. The results of this study are the Roman Urdu texting issues faced by older users and guidelines. Guidelines are proposed in order to minimize the Roman Urdu texting issues. The results of this study may be helpful in the design of texting applications for the older users of Pakistan.
IMPACT OF PERFORMANCE REWARDS ON EMPLOYEE TURNOVER IN THE SOFTWARE INDUSTRY OF PAKISTAN Impact of Performance Rewards on Employee Turnover in the Software Industry of Pakistan Employee turnover crisis has its negative outcomes spreading almost every field. Software industry has been facing it for quite some years now. Many organizations take necessary measures to ensure employee retention, performance rewards are one of the measures. However, not all performance rewards tend to be as motivating as considered. The study emphasizes the use of performance rewards in the Software Industry of Pakistan. Moreover, it is being intended to study and identify the key rewards that give a real boost to the motivation of employees hence lowering the chances of employee turnover. The study uses survey (questionnaires) methodology to identify the types of awards being awarded to the employees, the psychological impact of performance rewards and the performance reward that can help the best in minimizing employees’ turnover. The study has been conducted on the managers and employees having technical roles in the Pakistani software industries. The research has indicated that performance rewards, especially the monetary performance rewards play a vital role in minimizing the employees’ turnover. In some cases, company swag, verbal appreciation and promotions also showed driving the inclination of an employee towards working in the organization. Furthermore, it has also come into knowledge that factors like reward frequency and amount of monetary reward value have also got a significant impact on the decision of an employee on serving the organization or leaving it. The findings of the study if implemented in true letter and spirit will help the managers determine the best reward schemes and it should also contribute in the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK).